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Why Green?

I have chosen a career that is considered to be a “hazardous occupation” by the World Health Organization. I have a 40% greater chance of developing cancer than the typical worker.

As a person who has continually exposed myself to paint when at its highest intensity of offgassing carcinogens, the toxicity level in paint or other wall applications has became more important. But don't use natural, non-toxic products for my sake alone. Paint continues to offgas for a year after being applied and negatively affects the air quality of the home.

What is truly Green paint? One way to view it is how lickable a paint seems. Do you find yourself wanting to taste the paint because of its pleasing smell? With all the toxins we are exposed to in the outside world, it’s a good idea to make the space that we spend most of our time as healthy as we can. We get to choose what we invite into our homes.

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