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Interiors are my specialty. Whether a client is looking for a color change or an entirely new visual design, I welcome the challenge.  

In addition to basic interior painting, I’m pleased to offer faux finishing techniques. Sometimes softening a wall with two or more tones can add depth and character to a room. The application of a color wash or other faux techniques can be an economical way to create the coveted aged stucco look. For people who want the “real deal” there are also a few beautiful plasters that can be troweled onto wall surfaces, offering allure in their depth and they even sparkle. These “old world” washes and plasters allow a surface to appear old and weathered. 

Though these specialty techniques can enliven a space, it’s not always the right choice to use them. In many cases, making simpler color modifications according to the existing conditions of the room can make for satisfying results. As a person who applies design principles to rework a space, it’s often easier to be inspired by what’s already there.



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