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Thank you for your willingness to work with me and to accommodate the needs of this old house. It looks so fabulous! I feel it was a privilege to have you and your guys working here. I enjoyed having all of you around and felt you were conscientious and worked hard. You were willing to take input and I felt I was included in the process. I was happy that you checked in so regularly and when you said you would and really conveyed any concern I might have.

I especially appreciate that you were willing to go the extra mile and make a difficult job into a true success. Your integrity is remarkable and I thank you so much for creating beauty, both in the paint job and in the relationship with this customer.The process was a joy and felt like a gift.

—Michelle Billefeuille, Santa Rosa


We have just gotten our house “re-done” by Jess Nichol and it was one of the best decisions we have made. When we were approached by Jess about painting, the timing was right. We were indeed due but didn't know where to start. The worst part of the job was trying to choose the right color but she encouraged us to be daring and make a bold change. Our home had been dark brown for 30 years and she knew we could do better. With daily check-ins we were well informed and prepared. The job was simple and pain free. We are delighted with our new look.

—Tom and Linda Lee, Santa Rosa


I am happy to recommend the work of Jess Nichol. She was tidy, accurate, and knowledgeable.

—Carola Harding, Sebastopol



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