Dura-Bond’s Export, Pennsylvania coating and fabricating plant is serviced by the Turtle Creek Industrial Railroad. The Turtle Creek offers Dura-Bond customers the convenience of shipping oversize steel beams and pipe more efficiently by rail, rather than by truck.

This historic short line railroad is a wholly owned subsidary of Dura-Bond Industries, Inc. TCKR is an important 11 mile rail link between Export and Trafford, Pennsylvania where it interconnects with the Norfolk Southern. The railroad’s primary clients are small local businesses, Weyerhauser Lumber and Dura-Bond Steel
History of the Turtle Creek Railroad

Today the Turtle Creek Industrial Railroad, a division of Dura-Bond Industries, Inc., transports steel beams and pipe to Dura-Bond’s Export, Pennsylvania coating and fabricating plant. The railroad’s history began with the discovery of natural gas in the area of Murrysville, Pennsylvania in 1876.

George Westinghouse Jr. chartered a railroad from the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1886 to transport supplies and equipment to the gas fields. The line was called the Turtle Creek Valley Railroad, but was also known as Westinghouse Road. Service to Murrysville began in 1891 and was extended to the town of Export in 1892. The Pennsylvania Railroad operated the line from 1891 and later purchased the railroad in 1903.

Bituminous coal became the primary freight and was mined throughout the area. Coal from the Export mine was shipped to Europe, giving the town its unique name. The first passenger train began service on the line in 1894. Five passenger trains per day made stops in Trafford (Stewart’s Station), North Trafford, Blackburn, Saunders, Murrysville, Newlingsburg and Export. The trains would also stop along the line for anyone who waved a hankerchief at the engineer. On Saturdays the railroad ran a train from Export to downtown Pittsburgh. This trip became so popular that an average of 1000 tickets were sold each weekend. Passenger service eventually declined and was discontinued in 1936.

Freight service continued and the railroad was later operated by the Penn Central and then Conrail. When Conrail decided to abandon the line, the Norris family of Export purchased the TCKR in 1982 and renamed it the Turtle Creek Industrial Railroad. The railroad continues today and serves the family’s Dura-Bond Industries plant in Export and Weyerhaeuser Lumber.

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