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Proven Benefits of Energetic Healing

•  Reduction or elimination of pain
•  More flexibility and strength
•  Significant increase in energy
•  Enhanced sense of well-being
•  Improved immune response

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Healing for the Mind, Body and Spirit

Michaela’s Guidance
It is through Michaela’s professional background, in addition to her insightful abilities and awareness, that she has aided me in clearing some lingering health issues that affected me physically, mentally and socially. With her guidance, I am now stronger, more confident, and relaxed while maintaining good health and enjoying a happy lifestyle. I feel blessed to have Michaela come into my life. — Anita M. Fellenz

Michaela's Skill
Working with Michaela has enabled my body to successfully rebound from a painful, debilitating, physical condition. Michaela is a skilled interpreter for my body and is a gifted, intuitive healer that has helped my body with the healing energy it needed to find relief. Even though my physical condition has improved, I continue to work with her to benefit the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of my being. I feel blessed to have her in my life! — Stephanie Lennox


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Michaela McGivern, Energy Medicine & Shamanic Healing
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