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Welcome to WOrld Rainbow House

Everything in life is moving and changing. When that stops, there is no more life. Be with us for that change and the world will change!

As we changed our lives, we realized that all is vibrations. So, when you have a negative thought or you speak with anger or you nourish yourself with violent movies, you send negative vibrations around you and all over the world.It is like stopping the life and the love flowing.

If, like us you want the world to be a better place to live for everyone, help in changing your vibrations.Be with us for that change and the world will change!

Be with us for change and the world will change!

Ron and Joceylene

Jocelyne Flouttard-Cohen

As I believe that nothing happens by chance, I now want to share my story with you.
In July 2002, I got separated from my husband. Alone with 3 young children, no work and no hope anymore, I tried to kill myself. But, the life decided something different for me. As I wanted not to die but change what was not working in my life and stopped suffering, I met a French healer.

I participated in her healing workshops in September 2002 and saw the amazing effects of her teaching in my body and in my life.After working 2 years with her and awaking my healing abilities, I became a healer myself.
Then, a little voice was calling me to Hawaii. Why Hawaii?

Stones and volcanoes fascinate me since I was a little girl. So, in October 2006, I went to Hawaii to learn more about Lomi-lomi and Pohaku (stone) massage, Aloha spirit and Ho’oponopono (Hawaiian Healing word’s vibrations). In line for the Hilo flight, waiting for a plane, which never came because of an earthquake, I met a man: Ronald.
Ronald was the one that I was waiting for my entire life. Our souls recognized each-others and a great love story started.
Now 2 years later, so much has happened. We got married.

We created together a new business life called “WORLD RAINBOW HOUSE”, which sells and distributes self-healing, meditations, well being products and energetic paintings. Thanks to the life to guide me. Thanks for all the tools I use to be better every time. I wish you to find what you desire in these pages.
~With Love and Light, Jocelyne

Ronald Cohen

My name is Ronald Cohen. Since 1969 my life was vegetarian food, health foods, vitamins and exercise. In January 2006, I was divorced after 35 years marriage. I was sad, empty and sick. Nobody could figure out why after living in such a healthy way, I was so ill? Nothing was making me happy anymore. I had no more goal and interest in life. Then in October of 2006, I was coming back home to Hilo (Hawaii) from California. I stopped in Honolulu for the night and in the morning, got into a automobile accident. Then while waiting in line for a flight to Hilo, I was strongly drawn to a woman who told me that she was a healer?????

Doing healing and Lomi-lomi massages, she was going to Hilo to learn more about Hawaiian Healing tradition. We never did go to Hilo that day. Our plane was canceled because of an earthquake. I received from her my first energetic-rebalancing, a book by Dr. Robert Anthony ‘beyond the positive thinking and a self-healing meditation tape:” Rainbow self-healing “by Marie-Rose Pippolini . That was the start of the changing of my life.

I was definitely on my way to a new and wonderful life. Now 2 years later, the woman I met in the airport is now my wife. We have organized for Marie-Rose Pippolini and attended two life-changing workshops in Hawaii (clarity and rainbow healing workshops).

Meditating now twice a day, thinking positively and avoiding negative things such as movies, books and words that have violence and negative substance.

My health is great. I eat what I enjoy. Of course organic and sustainable foods, which help the planet, are still in my life. I send love and light instead of hate to those that act and think differently than I do in politics and life. I also changed my business life with “ WORLD RAINBOW HOUSE”, which sells and distributes products that help you improve your health and make a better life and world.

Of course all these positive changes are the effect of the meditation, the positive thinking and the healing (chakra re-balancing) I have received. For me the world can now change to a peaceful positive place, because I have changed to a peaceful positive human being. I know that my higher being will only lead me to a positive and abundant life.
When things happen in my life that I would have thought were negative, I now look at them as a message for change. You can also do it, if you want.
~Thank you for reading my story, Ronald.

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