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The vibrations of colors and energy in life

Energetic Paintings

When I was a child, vibrating with the nature, I was doing all kind of stuff with soil, leaves, flowers, branches, stones and paints.

Later as a teenager, I painted a lot of landscapes that I was dreaming of. I was dreaming of a better world. Then I went to an Art school to learn more about different techniques of painting, drawing and printing.

At this time I was also drawing games for children’s books and giving silk painting lessons. Later my first job was to work for a textile company: drawing tee-shirt logos. After one year doing that job, I went back to school and learned to make flyers, posters, logos, business cards and brochures with a computer.

Then, I got married, left France for Tahiti and worked with my husband. We created a floral business. At this time, I was doing the brochures and flyers to sell tropical flowers and visit our tropical garden. Then a stopped for a while because we created 3 wonderful boys (Thanks to Manua, Heimana & Temoana).

At this time, I stopped to paint, putting art and creativity on the side. It is only many years after, when I divorced and changed my life that I came back to my creativity. In March 2006, I started to paint rocks.

Why Rocks???

I love stones since I am a little girl. I always have a stone in my pocket, in my purse or in my hand. I love all kinds of stones. I am collecting rocks from all over the World. My “painted rock collection “started 2 years ago in Tahiti after a workshop called “divine Connection” that reveal my inner power and brought me back to my creativity.

I always loved rocks. They are a reflection of the nature, our essence. They vibrate as we vibrate. They are alive.
Rocks ground me. I can feel their energy. When I started to paint rocks, I could not paint on canvas. I was stuck, feeling nothing on the canvas!


At the same time, I was changing my life and learning how to use energy to heal others and myself. I was also doing stone massage.

So one day, I was holding a stone that I picked on the beach in Tahiti and it was like a revelation. That stone was calling me and intuitively, I felt that I have to paint this particular stone. What an exciting experience!!!

I paint because I love colors: it’s vibrations, substance and energy. Through painting I explore my inner self. I believe that colors heal the soul, the mind and the body, both of the artist and the viewer. It is why I started to paint with the rainbow colors following the energy of the chakras. Painting is a deep meditation for me. I usually let the colors guide me. I never know in advance what I will do. I paint intuitively asking my high being to guide me through colors. It is just like when I am doing a healing with the rainbow colors. I know where to put the energy to help that person. It is the same with my energetic paintings; I can feel the vibrations of the colors that I have to use to make an energetic painting.

What is Energetic Rainting?

I believe that we are not just a body and that all is energy and vibrations.
As I am doing energetic re-balancing (Healing) with people using energy through my hands to bring back the flow of energy blocked. I am doing the same with my paintings. Acrylics enable me to explore different levels of color s’ healing vibrations. My intention is to add my energy of love and the vibrations of the colors to the paintings.

How to use energetic paintings:

1- as a contemplative meditation.
You can seat, breath many times to relax and focus on the center of the painting. Let the color surround you. Dive deeply inside the color and observe what you feel. You can accompany this meditation with sitar music in the note of the color. (For example the C for the red chakra).

2- you can also contemplate the color for a few minutes and then close your eyes and imagine bringing that color to the chakra location of your body and fill it with the energy and the vibrations of that color.
Observe what you feel and how you feel after doing that.

3- you can also focus on the color and say that the red color brings you stability, security and ground you. With the positives vibrations of the words, you will add more power to your meditation.

To download and view a printable PDF About the Artist Please Click Here.

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