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Welcome to WOrld Rainbow House

Writing with my Heart and my Soul for you

Welcome to our world: World Rainbow House!
A world of vibrations, energy and colors.

Thru our mind and thoughts, we create our lives. What we think, what we say, what we watch, what we listen to,what we read and the way we act have an impact in what we experience in life.

You will see in this web site, by following the laws of the universe how you can transform and heal your life as we did, using the vibrations of the rainbow colors, sounds, words, energy and love. We invite you to share our story and spread positive vibrations with us to make a better world for everyone. It is our mission!

Discover our selection of meditations, books, movies, games, cards and energetic Art that help us to make our world better.

We are grateful to share with you.
Welcome to our house.
Thank you and enjoy.

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