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Welcome to WOrld Rainbow House

Why this web site?

As both, Ronald and I went near the death and reborn after major changes, we want to help others telling them yes it is possible. If we did, you can do it.

Be with us for that change and the world will change!
Everything in life is moving and changing. When that stops, there is no more life.

As we changed our lives, we realized that all is vibrations. So, when you have a negative thought or you speak with anger or you nourish yourself with violent movies, you send negative vibrations around you and all over the world.

It is like stopping the life and the love flowing.

If, like us you want the world to be a better place to live for everyone, help in changing your vibrations.

Be with us for change and the world will change!

We have all the tools you need for a soft, nice change.
Have fun!


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