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Energetic Re-balancing

For people and pets:
This method of energy re-balancing brings back to a physical and psychic wellness. The practitioner helps the different energy centers called Charkas to flow freely again.
This energy will dissolve in the body and the consciousness old or present blockages. This will also help to calm down stress, release and dissolve hidden and deep emotions.
The laying of hands on the body makes it possible to activate and stimulate its self-healing effects. It thus brings a great relaxation, a feeling of calm, wellbeing and serenity.
The energetic re-balancing can be done by distance too, like a long distance healing. The energy of love can travel everywhere and can be given to everyone.

For places: houses and offices:
It is the same method but the practitioner brings also a color consultation to clean and optimize the energy of the pace.

Energetic Paintings

On canvas or stones:
I believe that we are not just a body and that all is energy and vibrations.
As I am doing energetic re-balancing (Healing) with people using energy through my hands to bring back the flow of energy blocked. I am doing the same with my paintings. Acrylics & oil pastels enable me to explore different levels of color s’ healing vibrations. My intention is to add my energy of love and the vibrations of the colors to the paintings.

I also use words in my paintings knowing the power of the vibrations and energy of positive declarations.
Words are powerful: They can heal.


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